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What’s the magic power
Engine Wizard holds?

☑ Raises engine operational efficiency, stops fuel clogging and friction.
☑ Increases engine power performance and reverses the engine’s aging process.
How to determine the vehicle’s engine age?
Engine age vs. mileage in used cars: The age of a 1 year old car engine = 20,000km per year
Example 1:
What is the engine age of a 3-year-old car driven 200,000 km?
Answer: 3 years 200,000 km ≠3 year old car engine age
200,000 km ÷ 20,000 km= 10 year old engine

Example 2:
What is the engine age of a 6-year-old car driven 60,000 km?
Answer: 60,000 km ÷ 20,000 km≠ 3 year old engine
The correct answer should be 6 year old engine
(1 year old car engine age= 20,000 km per year, if over 20,000 km in 1 year divide total mileage by 20,000 km and you get the year.
If the mileage is under 20,000 km in 1 year then it counts the year and not the mileage.)
How to determine the vehicle’s condition by the tail pipe?
The condition of the tail pipe is determined by the vapor color of carbon deposit build-up.
  1. New Car: If the vapor appears colorless or light, it indicates complete combustion.
    (High horsepower and good engine performance)
  2. Old car in good condition: If the vapor appears light or grey it means that the car
    is in reasonable condition. While it is still working, it has slowly begun to deteriorate
    and the fuel consumption will gradually get higher.
  3. Old Car: If the vapor appears black, there is a decrease in horsepower; the operational function is low and the engine is leaking oil.
How to determine the vehicle’s oil consumption, economizing on fuel or not, by CO and HC?
CO [Carbon Monoxide]:
a colorless, odorless, tasteless, toxic gas produced by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. When this happens, it causes reduced efficiency and increased emissions.
(In Taiwan, the car will fail its Health Check if these emissions are higher than 1.2%)

HC [Hydrocarbon]:
Hydrocarbons are basically raw fuel, otherwise known as gasoline. High hydrocarbon (HC) emissions are almost always a sign of poor fuel ignition and high oil consumption.
(In Taiwan, the car will fail its Health Check if these are higher than 220ppm)

Four features of Engine Wizard

  • Two 1


    Improves the engine’s operational efficiency,
    thus immediately lowering emissions.

  • Two 2


    Boosts engine power by 35%,
    reduces fuel consumption, and enhances endurance.

  • Two 3


    Stops fuel clogging and friction;
    lightens throttle and prevents engine oil congealing.

  • Two 4


    Protects engine, slows down
    mechanical wear and tear,
    extends machine life and saves money on maintenance costs.

What is Engine Wizard?

Engine Wizard is non-toxic and non-heavy metal composition, which has petrochemical, rare ionization elements. It can combine and mix with any engine oil, hydraulic oil, cutting lubricant or synthetic oil. It is active for a long period and has no side effects. Engine Wizard creates 1 billion fluctuation waves per second through engine operation, heat and pressure. This unique technology of “Maintenance through Driving" creates 0.02–0.03 mm monomolecular protective membrane between the auto parts.


How do Engine Wizard
work in the car?

Engine Wizard creates an ultra smooth protective film that lowers friction and
fills the metal surface and changes the molecular structure of the metal surface
which eliminates barriers such as carbon build-up and oil sludge, and works under
high temperature, high pressure resistance, high speed, high endurance and
high abrasion achieving high efficiency which can lower the machine working
temperature, vibration and noise. It also saves money on repairs.

Why do old cars need Engine Wizard?

Cars that are over 5 years old with a mileage of 100,000 km or more may have serious sludge problems.
In such cases, it is recommended that after 1st use of Engine Wizard, a 2nd bottle is added after 500-1000km.
The renewed engine oil appears to be dark and sticky which means Engine Wizard is working and breaking down
the heavy carbon deposits. It is normal so there is no cause for worry. Continue using Engine Wizard after
every 5000km when the engine oil is changed, and the car engine will have a new lease of life.
It will be easy to drive and quiet on the road.

Market Report

Over 100 thousands cars have been added Engine Wizard!

  • Reduction in CO volume by


  • Reduction in HC volume by


  • Reduction in fuel consumption


  • Boosting engine power


Product Description


Bio energy ionization elements


30g per bottle (3 Bottles per box)
A bottle of Engine Wizard is to be added to 4-8 liters of engine oil.


  1. Before adding Engine Wizard, first ensure the car reaches the working temperature. Then check you have enough engine oil in the oil sump, and water in the engine radiator.
  2. Please use the enclosed paper funnel to add one bottle of Engine Wizard into the dipstick aperture on the engine sump.
  3. Return to the car and start the engine; allow the engine speed to increase from 1500 rpm to 2000 rpm and continue until you reach a maximum of 3000 rpm.

Key Point:

After adding Engine Wizard, the best result is achieved by immediately taking the car for a drive for 30 minutes on roads that allow reasonable speeds.
If you do not see vapor and there is a pungent smell from the exhaust pipe after 3-5 minutes, please have your car checked at your garage.
There may be a fault in some other part of the car.

Please Note:

  1. A diesel engine is a low middle speed engine; therefore, you do not need to raise engine rpm after adding the product. Just drive normally.
  2. If there is oil leakage from the piston and cylinder, do not try and use high speed to dissolve the oil clogging.

If a vehicle has serious problems with the build-up of deposits, observe the following procedure:

Add the 1st bottle of Engine Wizard and drive 500 km after which the engine oil must be drained and replaced together with the oil filter. Then add a second bottle of Engine Wizard in order to experience its deep cleaning and powerful effect.

Ten Main Benefits of Engine Wizard:

  1. Stops fuel clogging, prevents engine oil congealing and enhances oil durability.
  2. Maximizes horsepower and combustion efficiency, lightens throttle, silences valve and enhances engine endurance.
  3. Restores fuel economy and engine efficiency by instantly dissolving oil sludge.
  4. Clears harmful deposits and prevents future accumulation with no harmful damage to engine gasket.
  5. It is an extremely environmentally-friendly product, which converts 80% to 90% of exhaust gas fumes into harmless water vapors.
  6. Creates an improved mono protective layer of lubrication to minimize heat produced by friction.
  7. Forms a continuous, self-regenerating shield between engine parts to prevent metal to metal chafing and increases engine life.
  8. Dissolves stubborn sludge in combustion chamber and fights further build up.
  9. Saves time on disassembling the engine and using chemical cleaning products that can damage the auto parts.
  10. Saves money on boring the car and achieves high maintenance through driving.